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Re: [APD] CO2 levels and why we care

I am sure I do have others, that is my point.   My impression was that 
any amount of other acids or buffers immediately negate the ability to 
use the kH/pH relationship.  That is not my point here as I already know 
I cannot trust that relationship.  Originally, I was trying to 
understand the math.  If you remember back a day or so, Scott said that 
my calculations were wrong and the the .45 in the exponent was 
incorrect.  I wanted to know why.  If I understood correctly, he used 
the same equation to come up with 40ppm or something, hence my total 
confusion.  In the end, I wanted to know why my exp of .45 was  wrong.  
I still don't understand that.  I already know the chart does not apply 
to me.


Jerry Baker wrote:
> Dennis Dietz wrote:
>> So I guess the question is, do we all actually have higher CO2, and 
>> relatively unaffected fish, that we originally though or is something 
>> else a miss.  I remember reading somewhere that fish should be fine up 
>> to 40-50ppm, though I don't remember where or if that statement was 
>> accurate.
> Are you sure that you don't have some other buffer aside from 
> carbonates? Any pH-adjusting chemicals would surely throw the whole 
> thing off. The easy way to check is to pull out some of the tank water 
> and let it sit overnight and then test it to get a baseline.

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