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Re: [APD] CO2 drop checker with stirrer and webcam-analyzer..

I believe Daniel Larsson wrote this email section below:
> Two additional ideas with the drop-checker:
> 1) Stirrer inside the drop-checker to achieve faster equillibrium.
> 2) Webcam taking a picture of the dropcecker and count RGB-values and
> plot them in a chart. This way a colordeficient person could easily
> track the colors.
> I have already implemented idea number 2 to track NIR-responses in my
> plants with a QuickCam 3000 where I have removed the IR-filter:
> It would be easy to point the webcam on the drop-checker instead, crop
> it out and track the colors of that instead and also only track like
> red and green.

Won't work.
You'd need a calibrated light source for any accuracy over time.
Nice try though.

Stuart Halliday
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