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[APD] CO2 Angst

My goodness, you folks are really worked up.

If you want a perfectly suitable CO2 test, spend $30 on a LaMotte CO2 test
kit.  Here is the first vendor I found via Google:


I can't vouch for this vendor or any other; I always bought mine from
LaMotte directly but they don't seem to support direct sales any more.
They probably received too much "Why does it cost so much <sob> <sob>"
feed-back from nickle-nosed hobbyists.

The test kit provides readings of +/- 2 ppm given the usual caveats.

I also had a LaMotte narrow range pH test kit and an alkalinity (AKA KH)
test kit and the three kits always produced results consistent with CO2
charts, i.e., the CO2 measurement matched the chart for pH and alkalinity

We, of course, don't use the kits anymore since our eyes are trained to
read the plants.  However, if you would like a "reference" to guide your
eye training, I can recommend no better way.

Hey, if two or three of you live in close proximity, you could share the
cost.  Or if you belong to a local club, perhaps the club could use some
of your precious dues money to by shareable club test kits. The test kits
seem pricey at first (compared to useless LFS test kits) but refills are
dirt cheap.  A club could support high quality water testing for a long
time with little additional outlay.

George in Ft. Collins, Colorado

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