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[APD] Interesting idea

I believe Thomas Barr wrote this email section below:
> Scott et al, 
> The good idea from all this is the fact it gets around the KH
> issue in the tank and variation it can cause.
> We have folks claiming 50-200 ppm ranges of CO2 based on the
> pH/KH test readings and the fish are just fine, others have
> 35-50ppm and dead fish...........we know there's screwy issues
> with our assumptions about KH.
> By using a referenced solution for the KH, we eliminate one
> variable/assumpotion that has been causing issues for sometime,
> but by using a pH color change to measure, we lose some of the
> accuracy.
> ==>>>
> So this **obviously** leads us to make a referenced KH solution,
> that we can __insert a pH probe into__ so we can get very
> accurate deterimination of CO2 ppms.
> ==>>>
> That way we have successfully removed the KH interference issues
> from the tank water and still have saved the accuracy of the pH
> meter.
> You simply add the pH meter inside the solution of the drop
> checker.

So once you know it's in a KH of a known value you could design a ph meter 
that doesn't just display the ph but the CO2 values too?

After all it's just a mathematical formula isn't it? Or does temperature 
come into it?

This would make for an interesting CO2 meter wouldn't it?

Hmm I wonder how long it would take to get a design knocked up?

My company is just about to design a ph meter that measures the ph of the 
flesh of human tissue. Don't ask. ;-)

I'll ask the engineers at work tomorrow.

Anyone got a spreadsheet that calculates the relationship of ph/KH/CO2?

Stuart Halliday
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