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Re: [APD] CO2 drop checker

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
> The problem is that measuring the pH and KH of the tank water doesn't  
> tell you how much CO2 is in the tank water.  That water almost always  
> contains some other sources of alkalinity and acidity besides CO2, so  
> the equation relating pH/KH/CO2 isn't applicable.  The "drop checker"  
> lets us get around that problem by using distilled water with just  
> sodium bicarbonate in it as a test solution.   I have no idea how  
> well the Phenol Red would work in this device, or how easy it is to  
> discriminate between orange and yellow orange or reddish orange.   
> But, trying it out wouldn't be terribly expensive.  I suspect that  
> the "high range" pH test kits may use Phenol Red and would be a good  
> thing to experiment with too.

What might be *really* interesting to those of us who appreciate 
precision for precision's sake is figuring out a way to get a pH probe 
into that distilled water.

Jerry Baker
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