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Re: [APD] Hair algae problem

Hi James,
I'm going to guess that you are not using enough CO2.  Measuring the  
amount of CO2 in the water is not easy to do accurately.  But, there  
is now an easy way to do it and do it accurately.  See http:// 
checker.html for details.  This allows you to accurately know that  
you have whatever ppm of CO2 you want in the water, without  
inaccuracies caused by having other sources of alkalinity and acidity  
in the water other than CO2.  And, it doesn't involve measuring pH in  
an area where a test kit isn't easy to read accurately, or with a  
probe which is subject to electric interference and calibration  
problems.  If you use this, at least you can eliminate low CO2 as a  
possible problem.  I started using this a week ago and it has worked  
like a charm!

Vaughn H.

On Oct 15, 2006, at 7:19 PM, James Foley wrote:

> I have an aquarium with a sever hair algae problem. The algae in  
> question
> forms very long strands, is bright green, and incredibly slimy when  
> trying
> to remove it.
> Here are the tank stats.
> 77 gallon
> 260 watts PC lighting
> Eco-complete substrate
> KH 3
> pH 6.5
> CO2 28ppm
> Nitrate 15ppm
> Ferts added: KNO3 1/2 tsp 3x per week, mono potassium phosphate 1/4  
> tsp 3x
> per week, K2SO4 2 tsp 1x per week, MgSO4 3tsp 1x per week, calcium  
> chloride
> 10 drops 1x per week.
> Weekly 50% water change is done.
> Plants include val spiralis, val americana, pygmy chain sword,  
> spade leaf,
> ludwigia repens, and an amazon sword. Plant growth is phenominal  
> despite
> algae.
> Fish are 4 red belly piranha.
> So, what's the best way to deal with this algae? I'm considering  
> adding a
> few amano shrimp to try out. I've tried a blakout when it was first
> appearing with no effect.
> Regards,
> James
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