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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 38, Issue 8

You can add NH4 just fine, ....if you have lower light and plan
on doing large water changes and do not add too much and have
good CO2 etc.

Use the "search" function.

Plenty about NH4 dosing here and other forums.

I added 0.5ppm per day and did 80 % daily water changes with no
ill effects. One person did 0.8ppm per day and the daily flush

Does NH4 grow plants faster than NO3?
Not IME under aquarium conditions.

It took about 30 hours of exposure of the NH4 for the GW to
occur at high light(4-6 w/gal ranges).

If you over dose and mess up, the consequences are more dire.
NH4 will kill plants also if over dosed.

It is like playing with fire, you can play around with that, but
adding more CO2/light likely will give you all the extra added
growth you need.
NH4 is very toxic to fry, shrimps and some fish species.
Even small trace amounts.

IV drips can be done, I'd not put more than .5ppm a day in there
to a fully planted tank with good CO2 etc.

If you have a UV, that will be very helpful as the potential for
GW is very high if you have higher light.

There is not much wiggle room with a system using NH4 vs NO3 in
terms of the other parameters like CO2, K+, Mg, Ca, traces and
so on.

Folks added Schultz's African violet plant food at one point in
our group, but after lousing a few tanks up, folks stopped.
It just has not been worthwhile vs KNO3 dosing which is very
forgiving over about a 50 ppm or so range.

Tom Barr


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