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Re: [APD] Kudzu Like Aquarium Plant

It's a question of pressure. They are able to sustained a slightly negative pressur inside the bulb via osmosis. When opened, the inrush of water brings the bounty.

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John sent me a sample of the plant in question and I was able to get some 
digital pictures of it at 25 power. I am waiting for my son to unload them 
from to camera into a folder for me so I can send them to John. He can post 
them on his page if anyone wants to see them.

As far as I can tell it is Utricularia gibba. It is native to the Eastern 
United States, where John is located. The bladders have tentacles on either 
side of the opening. They almost look like deer antlers. I couldn't see any 
trap door on any of them. I don't know how they trap and would like to find 

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