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[APD] Kudzu Like Aquarium Plant

I have two tanks which have been taken over by a plant which probably came 
to me in mail order Cabomba. Even after several weeks in the isolation 
tank, this stuff remained so small that I didn't notice it, and it was 
plopped over into my planted tank lurking inside the Cabomba. It is green 
and thread-like with slightly flattened nodules of maybe 1/16" in diameter 
every 1/4" or so. A single nodule (apparently a seed or bud of) breaks off 
and goes floating off, and that is apparently the beginning of the take 
over. The thread-like stem is rather brittle and, therefore, mechanical 
removal just breaks off that many more slightly buoyant pieces which easily 
hide in the upper levels of the fine plants.

There is a blurred image to give you an idea as to what its size is at 
http://home.alltel.net/jtseymour/ . A second image shows what it looked 
like in the isolation tank after it was left alone for nearly two  months 
while I was away.

There you have it: a tiny water plant that is the counterpart to Kudzu, and 
I want to get rid of it. Any suggestions?

Incidentally, Jerry Smith has a specimen of it to see if he can capture a 
microphotograph to help in identification.

Many thanks for your thoughts. JohnT

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