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[APD] Filters

Hi All,
  I'm getting ready to set up a new 55 gal planted tank.  In the past I've never question the need for a filter.  On my current tank I use a HOT Magnum with the outlet under the water line.  I've had issues with the prefilter getting clogged.  Now that I'm getting ready to set up another tank I'm thinking:
  1. Is a filter *necessary?"
  2. Under what conditions is a filter truly needed in a planted tank?
  3. If I choose to use pumps or powerheads for water movement, does that make any difference in my need for a filter?
  4. If I need a filter is a cannister filter of some kind necessarily the most effective or the best choice for a planted tank?  All these years I've hat HOT Magnums on two 55 gal tanks.  I like the design and the fact that it hangs on the back of the tank where it's not visible.
  Thanks in advance for any input or ideas.

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