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[APD] NEAPS meeting and membership drive

Hello Fellow Aquascapers,

With our first official meeting for this fall coming up on the 21st of 
October, I'd like to send out a reminder for those that live around the New 
England area to reserve the date so you can attend the meeting that weekend. 
  We have a dedicated group of aquascapers that have a good range of 
experience to share with other people interested in the hobby.  One of the 
nice perks for our club is trading clippings for free at the meetings and 
cheap stuff for auction to benefit the club, in addition to pertinent topics 
presented by experienced individuals in the club.  Please come join us as we 
try and build this club into a nationally recognized organization.

For the upcoming year, we are hoping to collaborate with the Boston Aquarium 
Society to bring in some speakers with expertise in aquascaping, 
photography, and other experience in the planted tank hobby.  The meeting 
will encompass a weekend in Boston and give people unable to attend the AGA 
conference the benefit of attending a conference that is plant centered.  In 
addition to the conference, we hope to follow up with another meeting at 
Uncle Ned's Fish Factory where the club did a demo and put together a fully 
planted tank setup last spring.

So, this should be a very exciting year for the club, so come and join us as 
we grow!  Hope to see many new faces at the meeting in October.

Bailin Shaw
The New England Aquatic Plant Society

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