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Re: [APD] My Planted Tank Story

On 9/28/06, hhatch at sprynet_com <hhatch at sprynet_com> wrote:
> 3. Last, and what proved to be most important - my focus would be on growing the plants, not on how to get rid of algae which had been the cause of all my previous failures.

I agree completely. I have a 20" nano tank with 30w of regular fl
lighting, a diy co2 unit on a crappy airstone, total capacity of
around 6 gal. 2 ADFs, a betta, a bumblebee (my 3 yr old insisted) and
a true siamese algae eater. Plants are anacharis, bacopa, red
ludwigia, something nana on driftwood, and pink hygro. (Sorry, I suck
at remembering species names.)

I do 3 gal water changes every few days, feed frozen worms to the
animals every 2 days, and have bits of algae here and there. But the
plants are THRIVING. I pull large handfulls of cuttings out every
week. They get tossed in my 50gal fish only tank as nutrient sinks,
left to float right under the light. My angels nibble on it,
especially while doing their weekly spawning, my paradise fish build
bubble nests in it, and my danios play in it. The dojo couldn't care
less. If I tried to kill all the algae, I'd end up killing the animals
and making a complete mess of things.

I've found that perfection is the enemy of good enough. It's a cliche
but VERY applicable here. Get things to where they work, your plants
and animals are happy, and let Amano set up the pristine tanks. ;-)

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