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Re: [APD] blooming lilies

>Odd, my plant has several pads and has never flowered.  What is your light
>schedule?  Maybe that has something to do with it.

Twelve hours daily and they are two 150W 5500k MH lights.  As I mentioned I do use CO2 so my water is acidic as Stuart mentioned they might like that.
Now whether the flower is due to PH or to the CO2 hard to tell as one kinda goes with the other.

Might want to bite the bullet and try CO2 again, the flowers are cool.  Look nice, good strong nice smell (which surprised me) and have a weird center that is open and filled with water the first opening day (to attact insects I guess) but is then shut the rest of the time the flower runs.  When one flower is done another is up next day  or so to takes it's place (dangling the carrot to get you to go for it ;) )

I've got two 3.78l bottles (2 cups sugar, 1/4 tsp yeast) that are hooked up in series and I change one every 2 weeks. Bigger bottles = lower maintance. CO2 goes into my canister intake.

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