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Re: [APD] Caution with lead weights -- Or - Ethyl's Nails

Not really. The area is relevent only as a determinant of the cross section size. The electrons can and will follow lots of diff paths, and the fatter the wire, the more paths (regardless of whether it's flat or round). Following the pipe metaphor, which can only be carried so far, water will run through all of a pipe, not just the short line that can be drawn between the entrance and exit. 

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OK, I think I get it. The "area" refers to the plane along which the 
electricity travels. So that if you were to put the probes of the meter 
at opposite edges of the cube (top and bottom), the area of the plane 
would be 1.41 square inches (Pythagoras and all that). It would only be 
1 square inch if the probes were placed at the exact same height on both 
sides of the cube. Is that correct?

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