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Re: [APD] blooming lilies

>Does anybody know anything about getting a dwarf lily to flower?  I've heard
>of it happening, but my little plant has been flourishing for years and has
>never once produced a flower.

Not sure if you have the same ones I have (there's so many different ones) but if you do, I find to get them to bloom you need to let them have 3-4 surface leaves or pads.
After they have some lily pads out, in about a month you'll have a flower coming up.  After that as long as they have some pads going (all new leaves form pads if they have one already going) it flowers continuously.  On a side note, I also have a DIY CO2 injection going and MH lighting, but other than that no special care.   I don't find light being blocked by the pads to be much of a problem.  As the pads are high, light gets under them better than big leaves that are low and really shade the area.  Also nice if you have shrimps as they like standing? on the bottom of them upsidedown, looks funny ;)

Lily before the pads (circled), no flowers will come

Lily flowering with pads. 
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