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Re: [APD] Adjusting Water Height

S. Hieber wrote:
> The standpipe hieght will determine the height of hte water column in the overflow, which in turn will determine the height outside the overflow -- the overflow wall becomes just as screen between the tank and the standpipe, which effectively becomes the new overflow.
> The tank water won't get lower than the bottom of the slots but can be as high or higher, provided there is room for eh stand pipe height.  If there are uper and lower slots on the overflow wall, then the height can be as low as the bottom of the slots or higher than the top of the upper slots, provided there is room for the stand pipe to be that tall.

The Stockman standpipe cannot be raised higher than the bottom of the 
teeth without removing the lid on the aquarium. Even so, I don't want to 
lose the skimming effect of the overflow. Won't raising the overflow's 
water level to something above the bottom of the teeth remove the 
skimming effect?

Jerry Baker
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