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Re: [APD] Adjusting Water Height

S. Hieber wrote:
> The standpipe would be by far the easiest. It needn't be anything more than a length of PVC that will fit in the drain. Usually you can adjust the height a bit by sliding it up or down in the drain socket. . Or you can always cut a few long pieces and tiral and error it to to just the right length. If yu're not using a standpipe now, it's unlikely to be any noiser using a plain open stand pipe.

I'm probably being dense, but I don't understand how changing the height 
of the water inside the overflow will have any effect on the water level 
in the main tank. If the water level in the overflow is 20" below the 
main tank, or only 1/16" below the main tank, the level in the tank 
remains constant. The only thing that I can see that affects the water 
level is either the relationship between the water flow and the height 
of the overflow's teeth. I am totally open to being incorrect, and even 
hoping for it, but changing the height of the water in the overflow does 
not have any effect.

Jerry Baker
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