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Re: [APD] Adjusting Water Height

I believe Jerry Baker wrote this email section below:
> I have a small niggle with my current set up. The water level is just a 
> fraction of an inch too low. It allows some light from the metal halides 
> to escape from between the tank's molding and the water surface. This 
> makes a very bright line of light across the coffee table and TV screen. 
> Since I have a built-in overflow I cannot adjust the height of the 
> teeth. Are the any tricks to raising the water level some without very 
> involved modifications?

Stick in a right angled pipe into the overflow and then drill a hole into 
the side of this pipe. This way you raise the water level slightly?

Alternatively get some paint/tape and apply to the area outside to mask the 

A strip of black plastic could be fitted to the inside edge of course.

Stuart Halliday
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