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Re: [APD] Warping Tanks

If the large aquarium is not going to sit on a concrete floor, I find with the large tanks, it's best to try to level when dry, then fill, note the irregularities and whether there are noticeable gaps between the frame and the stand, then drain and make adjusts, refill and check.  I do all this before putting in any plants or fish, etc. Otherwise, it's hard to take into account how much the floor might move under the weight of the filled aquarium.
I don't think the amount of diff you are seeing is significant for a 6' aquarium. If the panels bow out in the middle, than the top of the middle of the panels would be slightly closer to the floor, i.e., that would tend to make the water level appear slightly higher at the middle. You are noticing the opposite so it's more likely that the center of the aquarium, when filled, is sitting slightly higher than the ends. I would shim any gaps between frame and tank -- playing cards work great for this, trim the shims, and not worry about a 1/8" diff.
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I have never had a 6' tank before so I don't know what to expect. After 
much labor in leveling the tank I spent the last 3 days filling it by 
reverse osmosis. Now that it's full the water line isn't level. It's 
dead-even at the ends, but at the middle the water is about 1/8" lower 
as measured from the bottom of the plastic rim. Of course that could be 
accounted for by a slight bowing of the tank at the middle, but no such 
bow is apparent looking at the reflection of objects in the room. Do 
others see this in their long glass tanks?

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