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[APD] Standpipe Advice (Stockman or Durso)

The Durso standpipe instructions were very clear that if using a 1" 
drain, that 1-1/4" pipe needs to be used. Let it be known that this is 
also the case with the Stockman variation. I tried it with a 1" pipe and 
couldn't stop the gurgling. It was easy enough to control the 
"flushing", but the gurgling was being caused by the physics of the 
water flowing over the pipe edge. With the 1" pipe the water was flowing 
over in such a way that there was no free column in the center for air. 
That caused the gurgling. I constructed another one out of 1-1/2" pipe 
and it works great.

This leads me to another thing: If you don't have a table saw handy, I 
found it much easier to just drill as many holes as you can into the 
area between the "fins" on the reducer bushings rather than cutting it 
apart to allow water flow.

Thanks to everyone who assisted (Scott).

Jerry Baker
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