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Re: [APD] A & H supply and the New-Bulb Gestalt

Let's not forget the fluorescent bulbs are brightest when new and at an ever increasingly slower rate, become dimmer with use. So the first few weeks, a new bulb should look much brighter than an older bulb -- even the same model bulb in the same set up.  The output after a month is much more like what it will be for the next year than is the output when fresh from the wrapper. And a bulb with one year of use 12 hours per day might not seem much dimmer than one use a full year longer. This is further complicated by the fact that the greener-yielding  phosphors, which emit light to which humans are more sensitive, are hardier than the red and blue -- some of the dimming we don't notice so much. ;-)
These are the sorts of thing Tom would take into account when going to all the bother of measuring output -- but it's something the rest of us can easily forget when we slap in the new bulb and marvel at it's luminous brilliance.
Which is not to take away from AHS lights -- the best, the most light you can get out of PCs without seriously overdriving them to an early death -- and at a reasonable price. I've recommended them without hesitation since I bought my first kit so very long ago (nevermind how long). Simple kits, with top notch parts and about as easy as assembly can get but on top of that, AHS gives the buyer very well written instructions. Well written instructions, in general, seem to be a rare item these days.
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> Btw I received my new AHS fixture on Saturday. Tom Barr had
> suggested
> previously that the Jebo/Odyssea fixtures do not have the same
> lumen output
> as the AHS units. All I can say to that is that, if anything,
> Tom grossly
> understated the difference.
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