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Re: [APD] A & H supply and seeing the light

> Btw I received my new AHS fixture on Saturday. Tom Barr had
> suggested
> previously that the Jebo/Odyssea fixtures do not have the same
> lumen output
> as the AHS units. All I can say to that is that, if anything,
> Tom grossly
> understated the difference. 

Oh now now:)
Don't make me break out a light PAR meter on ya all:)
Now place then side by side and tell the rest of the class,

I was not suggesting lumens, PAR specifically is about 50% more.
So 50% more usable light.

That is a lot.
Most don't have such light meters, so I set the bar low, but
better to have your expectations exceeded rather than not. 
Glad you see the difference even without a meter.

Kim typically has a set up at the AGA conventions with a cheapy
Jebo and his light next to it.

I'll bring the light meter and folks can see the differences at
different distances and angles from the source.

It was really quite remarkable and
> significant.
> That tank had never done much pearling under the Odyssea
> fixture, this
> happened to be fine with me since even though it is CO2
> injected with high
> light, I was no longer interested in rampant plant growth,
> just steady plant
> growth and little or no algae. I had achieved this with the
> Odyssea. Imagine
> my shock when not 5 minutes after turning on the AHS unit for
> the first time
> every single plant in the tank was pearling madly.

That's what you want.
Bacteria have plenty of O2, so do the fish, everything cycles
rapidly, water is clearer etc.

 To say that
> the AHS is
> much brighter is a gross understatement on my part. To be
> clear, the Odyssea
> was also a 4 x 96 watt fixture. I guess the old saw is
> sometimes true "you
> get what you pay for".
> Larry

Another soul is saved:)
Fair pricing, great product/support and excellent Customer
service wins em everytime.

Tom Barr

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