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Re: [APD] Niagra Falls is Nice ... or Not

You're talking about using a standpipe in the overflow (built-in overflow or hang-on). The Durso standpipe does essentially that but covers the end of the pipe to reduce noise. It coversthe end ofhte pip by bending the opeing over and down below the water surface. This creates gurgling unless you drill a small vent hole in the top of the pipe.  The standpipe raises the water level in the overflow and puts all the drop in the pipe/drain, under cover so it's not as noticeable.  The Durso is very easy to build but the Stockman variation is nicer than the Durso, more compact.
The Stockman version 2, imo, is best if you don't mind sawing to make the parts from pvc fittings.
It uses a reduction fitting that is sawn to leave just a ring in the center of the fitting, attached to legs that glue to the cover fitting. You need pics to see how it goes together and how to cut.
There are pics and a discussion here -- I think you have to register to view the discussion:

The telling pic is on this page. Once you look at this pic and hold the reduction fitting in your hand, it's easy to see the simple series of saw cuts to make.
along with 
Note, if the vent hole in the top is too small for the rate of water flow, you will get a cyclic, pulsing, filling and draining in the drain hose -- about 1/8" will probably be plenty. Otoh, if the hole is way too large, the pipe won't mask much sound. Start with a 1/16" hole, and if you get sound of toilet repeatedly flushing, then enlarge the hole just a tad. 
Sometimes, where the drain water first hits the side of the drain hose is turbulent and you and damp the sound by wrapping a towel around the noisy section of tubing.
Other thoughts:
You can do some calculations to get the drain size for a given length and water flow, but for a rule of thumb, just figure at least twice the diameter of the water inlet supply to the tank.
A larger drain will tend to be quieter than a smaller one because it have a column of gas along it's entire length.
Have pipes, have plants, have fun,
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Although it is said that the sound of running water has a calming effect 
I find it to be somewhat tiresome when it's in my living room and it's 
the sound of water falling 23" in my overflow. I have heard of "Durso" 
standpipes for built-in overflow chambers, but I wondered if anyone else 
had come up with any other neat inventions for dealing with this?

It seems to me that the only real issue is that the water level in the 
overflow is maintained too low and that simply attaching an appropriate 
length of pipe to increase the height of the intake would solve the 
problem. Has anyone tried just attaching a length of pipe to the drain 
to maintain the water level higher?

Jerry Baker
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