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Hello everybody,

every few years I drop out of lurking mode and it seems its time
for another question.
It's about resealing the tank, and I couldn't find answers in the
I'm in the proces of redoing the 200L tank-hood-stand (all DIY-ed
some 6 years ago) and would like to make tank with metal frame.
After tearing the old tank apart (which was easier to do than I
expected) I decided not to trust only to silicone to hold all
that water in place. So, I would very much apreciate any
sugestions on doing glass/metal frame/silicone tank (how much
larger the frame should be, what metal should i use, asembling
of the whole thing together...). And I would like to know about
the principle behind the silicone sealant - is it chemicaly
bonding with glass or just adhering to it? Is it necesarry to
sand the surfaces of old joints in order to be shure there are
no traces of old silicone?
Regarding hood - I have two part folding hood (I think George
Booth's webpage was the place where I saw the idea long time
ago) and would like to know if some new DIY ideas came along
recently (I'm not so agile lurker as I was before).

Thank you, this list did wonders for me (and my plants/fish) and
still is most relevant source of information on aquarium

Thank you people,
Davorin Palijan, Croatia

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