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[APD] Plumbing of inline filters

I am contemplating a replacement of a hang-on-the-back power filter with
a set of Pentair's inline filters to improve water quality.  Plubming
these up seem a little dauting them up seems a little daunting, so hope
anyone could give me some hint...

Does it make sense using vinyl tubes from inlet to the pump, and then
PVC pipes from there though the outlet?  Or is there any benefits from
going all PVC or all vinyl tubes?

One of the filters is a fludized bed filter:
and I was wondering if one could modify diagram 4a on p.2 so the outlet of the
fluidized filter joints back with the bypass outlet rather than having
two outlets to the aquarium?  Does the the by-bass (i.e. ball)
value would ensure equal pressure to allow that?  Do I need a check
valve anywhere to accomplish this?

Do I need any other ball valves for serving the filter?  If so where?

How do people mount these things so you can still get to them to replace
filter substrate, uv lamps etc?

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