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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 37, Issue 17

Hey Larry,
  Well today another bulb failed...  that means 3/4 of the bulbs are failing on this crappy piece of crap.  (I truly believe CRAP is a word that hasn't been given its proper dues in modern language  ;-)  )
  I'm ordering another unit as I speak from a different seller & different brand.  Your advice is greatly appreciated, I'll be checking out AHS (Aquarium Hobbyist Supply, right?) in just a few moments as soon as this e-mail is sent.  Thanks for the validation of my initial hypothesis: these lights are a piece of $H!T (this word, however, has gotten more than its fair dues in modern language)  hahaha.
  Cheers & Gig'Em,

Lawrence Hugh Forbes <lhforbes at comcast_net> wrote:
I was one of the ones that originally suggested the Odyssea fixture and
aquatraders as a source. Then Scott Hieber and Tom Barr both stated that
these were inferior units, which annoyed me greatly. I have 4 of the
Odyssea's and one unit from AHS. Tom even went so far as to suggest that the
Odyssea ballasts were not electronic, they are electronic though.

I have come to the conclusion recently that both Tom and Scott were correct
at least so far as the Odyssea's inferiority is concerned. My AHS unit,
which is a 1 x 55 watt, outperforms my Odyssea's which have far more watts
per gallon. My AHS unit is on a 26 gallon tank and grows red plants
perfectly. The Odyssea's, though much higher wattage per gallon, can't grow
red plants at all (I should say they can grow them, they are just no longer
red). I have an Odyssea 4 x 96 watt 72" unit that is 4 months old and has
already failed; it is being replaced with an AHS unit which will arrive
hopefully today or Monday. Btw AquaTraders has HORRIBLE customer service,
its actually pretty much non-existent. They do have a phone number (650)
872-1993 which you will find nowhere on their site btw, but it is
continually busy (I actually have come to believe they have that phone
unplugged). Btw my AHS and Odyssea's have identical lamps (bulbs) in them,
so it is not the lamps that are inferior.


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