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Re: [APD] Odyssea Lights: Are they a P.o.S,?

Steve B wrote:
> Hi Stuart,
>   I'm not sure about any warranties, but I will check this weekend.  I ordered them online from Drs. F&S, so if the manufacturer doesn't have a guarantee maybe they do.  I will try to switch the bulbs' location by taking a "burned out" bulb and putting it in the spot that a good bulb is using to see if the bulb is dead or the lights themselves are the problem.
>   I'm pretty sure the end of the tubes are water-tight.  There is a sliding plastic cover which covers the bulbs, and then there are plastic pieces which snap over the end of the bulbs.  How do I tell for sure if there is water interfering?

I've ran CF's for years without waterproof endcaps and never once had a 
problem with them. Condensate does not conduct electricity, so unless 
you have salted you connections recently that shouldn't cause any issues.

Jerry Baker
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