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The best answer to sulfur water is to force air bubbles through it for
about 1 hour---as soon as the smell is dissipated it will work fine---my
water is the same and no ill effects----on plants or
animals-------amphibians are most sensitive to poor water conditions and
they thrive in my well water--------most animals and plants need some
sulfur anyway-----one more minor element you need not add------some of
the more exotic plants that are raised might be hurt by the
sulfur------but i predict the plants will take what they want and ignore
the rest-------as long as the ph is in the acceptable range you should
have no problems------sulfur tends to be acid so consider that and be
glad you have a well---------i would rather work with well water than
franchise water any day-------unless you have contamination from
chemicals or organic contaminates you have the best water only water
collected after 15 minutes of rain is better------

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