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Re: [APD] Sulfur in the planted aquarium


I can give my experience when I was in college in Melbourne, Fl in the early 
1970's. For a time I lived in a run down house on a 60 acre Orange grove in 
West Melbourne. Rent was only $100.00 per month between the two of us. All 
the oranges, grapefruit, tangerines we wanted. It was great. My roommate 
built a fish pond in our front yard with an artesian well feeding it. The 
sandy bottom was the outflow. The water was very sulfurous smelling. Sailfin 
mollies we caught did extremely well. We didn't have any plants in the pond.

There was a spring in my colleges botanical garden that was sulfur water. 
The stream leading from the spring was full of sailfin mollies. I remember a 
white film on the bottom of the stream. I don't know what it was. It was in 
a very shady spot so I don't recall if there were any plants although I 
doubt it.

We would fill 5 gallon bottles with the well water and let them sit open for 
a few days. After that period of time the water would taste great and 
wouldn't smell, before sitting though it was smelly sulfur water and tasted 
horrible. I am still alive so I guess it hasn't hurt me.

I did have one 29 gallon aquarium containing Keyhole cichlids but I didn't 
have any plants in it. I did have a Cryptocoryne blassii that I grew in a 1 
gallon bottle with sunlight for light. I only remember buying it in Florida 
and keeping it for a few years. Don't ask me any more details because I 
can't remember.

Jerry Smith in Bloomingdale, NJ

>Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 21:23:39 -0400
>From: Dennis Dietz <dennisdietz at verizon_net>
>Subject: [APD]  Sulfur in the planted aquarium
>My well water has a strong sulfurous smell.  I am wondering if anyone
>knows what effect this may have an a planted tank.  If it matters, Gh22,
>kH4.5 and a CO2 injected higher light tank.  I have not done any net
>searching yet on the subject but I will start right now.  Still, I
>figured I'd throw it out there for people to mull over in the mean time.

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