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[APD] More About Dirty Bottoms

Some time ago there was a discussion about substrates. I suggested that the kind of substrate did not matter much so long as you fed ferts into the water column. A number of commercially available substrates have ferts added to them.
Tropic has done some testing and come out with a few new products, including an enriched substrate to be used as an underlayment in a planted aquarium.
Tropic has some info on it here:

I don't know about comparisons with non-enriched substrates in tanks using ferts added to the water column or comparisons with soil underlayment tanks (a la Walstad) -- those conditions are not specifically addressed in the info in the link above. I hope to discuss this with Tropica's Troels Andersen during the AGA Convention.
Besides the substrate, Tropica also has come out with macros.  I know the macros are available at BigAlsOnline.com. Anyone know where else any of these items are available in the USA? How about the substrate?
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