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Re: [APD] Java Fern Lace, snails

I believe linda sholly wrote this email section below:
> I wasn't given the scientific name. 

Microsorum pteropus Windeløv I believe.

> My question is Propagation.The plant
> is sprouting shoots with what looks like roots. Can I simply sever these
> and put them in the substrate? Do they need to be a certain size?

The Java fern plantlet will eventually break off itself from the parent when 
its ready. I'd let it float around for a week or two. Then put it where you 
want. The roots are evolved to grab hold of surfaces and grow and cling to a 
rock or object.


> How much bio load do snails cause? I just got a clown loach to keep them
> in check.

Depends on the species. Some remain very small but reproduce rapidly into 
hundreds. Some are big and reproduction can be controlled.

Personally I find Clown loaches are a bit of an over kill. These fish need 
the company of others and grow a bit too large for most tanks. I prefer 
using Zebra loaches, which only grow to 4" when adult, to be adequate in 
removing ear or pond snails.

The usual small snail does do a good job of breaking down the decaying 
matter of dead plants. So you don't want to get rid of them entirely. Not 
that you will of course. Once you have them you'll always have them. :-))


Stuart Halliday

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