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Re: [APD] Erythromycin use in planted tank

I have had 5 glolights die in the two months, one at a time.  Each death has followed the same pattern:  the fish begins to swim sideways or belly up (but still keeps with the school) and then after a day or two gets stuck in a plant or lays on the bottom.  Sometimes they are able to feed while upside down, sometimes not.  There is no external damage to the fish, and the fish looks perfectly normal.
  I have guessed that this is a swim bladder bacteria and have erythromycin on hand, but have not yet used it.  I first tried a little salt and some Melafix, which I have found useful for many, many things and the problem seems to go away and then two weeks later, another fish succumbs.  
  **I have tested all water parameters and find everything to be in perfect condition.**  
  This tank contains glolights, red cherry shrimps, one SAE, plants and snails.  Should I use the erythromycin and is it safe with the shrimps?  I've heard both yes and no.  Should I treat all inhabitants as they seem to randomly turn up with this or move only the affected fish, when they show symptoms?  This morning is the first time in two weeks that I have seen a fish begin to exhibit symptoms.
  Thanks for your input.

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