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Re: [APD] BBA, O2 and CO2.

I can drop my Equilibrium dosage to 1 teaspoon/week but I'l need to add more crushed coral to the Eheim.  There is only about a 1/2 cup tops in there now. I struggle to maintain the GH at 3 with 3/4 teaspoon of Equilibrium per week.  Going from liquid rock to soft water still messes me up...

Tom wrote:
>Did you get the GH booster? 
>It's the same thing as the SeaChem EQ, but different %%%'s, more 
>Mg I think, Greg took some info data I gave him amnd went off 
>and made some GH booster, so I'm not that certain, but you can 
>ask Greg also. 

I didn't get the GH booster but I added 1/2 teaspoon of Epsom Salt with the Equilibrium to increase the magnesium.  I'll have to touch base with Greg.  Appreciate the magnesium tip.

I also have to stop buying 4 pound bags of Epsom salt where I usually shop.  Got some strange looks.  Now I know how all these people buying fleet enemas by the pallet feel when they shop and everyone stares at them!

Things should start changing in my tank quite a bit in the next few weeks.  The old probe (that I knew was drifting, dropping them does that) was reading 6.6 when I calibrated and it should have been at 7.01 yesterday.  The new one is in and CO2 is pouring in now (one of the Eheims is stirring up the surface to make sure the O2 is pouring in as well).

Thanks so much.
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