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Re: [APD] Rotala macrandra

Let me try again... (The text was snipped based on how i posted).

Good question about R. macrandra. I would be interested to hear about hard 
water, high N conditions.

> > How long have you  grown *Macrandra* successfully?

14-15 years.

> > Before you were successful, were you unsuccessful (and what
> > changed that)?

Was always successful. :-) However, adding CO2 to the sand/peat tank 
improved success. Adding macros made it harder.

> > What are your tank conditions:
> > Lighting -

1-2 w/gal. 2 wpg gets better reds, but 1wpg still OK.

> > Temp -

have not noticed. range is 70-90 deg F.

> > pH -
always grown pH<7. No experience with higher.

> > KH -
Best luck with KH 1-3. Higher KH tank has higher N, P concentrations and i 
have not attempted to figure out optimal combo for R.m.

> > Ca (ppm)-
> > Mg (ppm)-

Ca:Mg ratios in described tanks are ~3:1, typical of softer water. (dont 
know my ratio in higer KH/GH Onyx tank)

> > Cl (ppm)-


> > Fe (ppm)-

DK, but can be inferred from TMG use.

> > additives/frequency (PMDD, KNO3, CaCl, CaSO4, etc...)?

Additives are TMG, 10ml/70 gal (1wpg tank); 15ml/70 gal (2wpg tank); both 
1x/wk; Only occassional dry macros (N, P). Occcassional supplement of 
powdered lime or CaCO3. Otherwise, most of all macros come thru 30-50% 
water changes at 1-2x/month. In my experience, too much N made the plant 
grow faster and turn greener.

> > Substrate/additives/cables...

Sand plus peat (in 1wpg tank); sand plus soil or Flourite (in 2 wpg tanks). 
Never tried cables.

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