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Re: [APD] Quickie phosphate source

You want the Fleet product called phospho soda that contains no oil. It's a solution of sodium phospahte. It's just more expensive than buying potassium phosphate from Gregwatson.
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Just use Fleet Enema - the non-mineral oil type.  Check the  
ingredients to be sure it is the phosphate type.
Vaughn H.

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> I just set up a new plant tank. Plants showed signs of  needing   
> nourishment within days of planting . My Lamotte test indicates  
> plants used all measurable phosphates ( .4 ppm )  in less than 48  
> hours. I ran out of kh2po4 and don't expect my order to arrive for  
> another 10 days. For now other nutritional parameters seem ok  As  
> an emergency measure I have been using water from my fish only tank  
> to replenish, but nitrates are starting to get high. Is there  
> something I can use for P that is readily available until my new  
> ferts arrive ? I considered shutting off co2 temporaily, but  
> thought this might just cause other problems.
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