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[APD] 2 ft tank

I have a great deal for you loach and fish overs: have what you want 
exactly..a japanese made 2 ft tank with curve corners, thick glass and black 
rims.Comes also with ehiem filter and a dyna japanese top filter, 2 brand 
new silent 4 output air pump and many unopened bottles of water conditioner 
and medications(US made) , digital thermometers, extra strong magnet algae 
scrapers, new filter mediums ..2 ft long airstones and many more accesorries 
for just $80! and everything is only 2 months old...the ehiem filter alone 
costs more than that! and you're getting 2 filters with this unique 2 ft 
tank and it comes with a stand!...all glass and anti scratch..but you have 
to come and collect yourself..please hurry before i post on the 
classifieds.Dont hesitate to call me at 96307242...Ron.  Thanks for reading! 
email  skywayray at hotmail_com

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