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[APD] EI approach with liquids

Tom, thanks so much for responding, this has been very enlightening!  

Tom wrote: 
"Many that think "excess CO2" is bad thing and often still have 
BBA due to low CO2, but it's not the CO2 directly, it's the 
O2!!!!! "

Yep, I still have a little BBA.   I hold it at bay with the Excel (this stuff is awesome in my daughter's no tech/no CO2 tank).  I'll buy the CO2 argument though, my probe has been drifting and I would be willing to bet it is low.  After the debacle awhile back and losing several of my beloved discus, zebra pleco and a bunch of cardinals, I got a bit skittish and stingy with CO2.  I had been dosing heavy with Equilibrium/AB and the CO2 was pouring in.  Unfortunately, the O2 was not.  Things went very badly.  The problem was the O2 but I held the CO2 responsible...  

> Haven't checked in awhile but my KH and GH stay around 3-4 due 
> to soft water. 
 Tom wrote:
"That's fine, add some MgSO4, maybe 1/2 teaspoon or a tad more 
after a water change. 
TMG also has K+, Mg in it as well. "
I use Flourish, I would have to look to see how much MgSo4 is in it.  MgSO4.  Can I use epsom salt for this?  I think that is what it is.  I just received my stuff from Greg Watson and didn't think to order it.

> I can't grow mosses, java fern or bolbitis for squat. 
 Tom wrote:
"Then it's all CO2. 
Those are classic plants that are first effected by low CO2. 
Bolbitus is a fast growing weed with high light, good CO2(mist 
etc) and PO4. "

The new pH probe should arrive this week.  It never dawned on me that the slow growers would be that affected by CO2.  I always assumed it was from battling the "pig" plants for the fertilizer.  Guess I missed the forest for the trees!

At that time I add: 
> 4 tsp Equilibrium (every other week I add 3 tsp) 
> 3 tsp Alkaline Buffer (every other week I add 2 tsp) 
>From Tom:
"Try less, maybe 1 if and only if you add more CO2. "

I need to clarify,  are you saying use 1 tsp total or subtract 1 tsp from what I add now?
> 30 mL Flourish 
"3x a week "
> 50 mL Seachem Potassium 
> 30 mL Seachem Iron 
> 20 mL Seachem Nitrogen 
"Add at least this much 3x a week "

Sorry, I am rather dense today, are you saying add 30 mL of Flourish 3x a week or just break it up into three 10mL doses?  Same question on the Potassium, Iron, Nitrogen.  Multiply my amounts by 3 or break it up and stay at the same total?  With the dry chemicals you recommeded 45 mL Flourish.  Would it be a different amount using the liquids versus the dry chemicals?
"It's not light etc. 
I'd just go the cheap www.gregwatson.com ferts also. 
TMG or flourish, whatever you like. "

I received a big box from Greg day before yesterday containing KNO3 and KH2PO4.  I also got  a cool measuring beaker with mL increments that should come in handy.
"I'd get the dry ferts, they are easier for you. 
GH booster 1 table spoon at water change(has more Mg than 
SeaChem, less K2SO4) 
3/4 teaspoon KNO3-3x a week 
1/4 teaspoon KH2PO4-3 x a week 
15 mls 3x a week traces 
Spike O iron 1-2x a week  "

I have the dry chemicals to try but I also have a fresh batch of liquids that I bought several weeks ago so I am up to my ears in both liquid and dry chemicals right now.  
I thank you and my slow growing plants thank you!
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