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Re: [APD] Dosing KNO3 and the effects of fish waste vs KNO3

> Have tried common household fertiliser , injected before
> filter intake ( 
> huge bio sump, sealed  ) , got lots of spot algae , dark
> discus , duckweed 
> attack . The plants were growing like crazy but so were th
> spot algae on 
> my 5 year old anubias backwall, Had to trim and start growing
> clean leaves 
> again . Since I switched back to KNO3 no more issues. Just to
> show that 
> Tom has a point with his stated effects of KNO3 versus oher
> nitrogen 
> compounds.

Many folks have over the years equated fish waste with NO3.
This is not surprising as the NO3 is typically the end product
of the N cycling in a tank, unless you have denitrification that
can keep up with the production.

A nice question, and a good one at that:

What is the difference between fish waste and KNO3?
Hint: think about what forms the nitrogen is in from the fish
food, beef heart etc. what transformations does is go through

Another nice question:
What in common house plant fertilizer might be different than
KNO3 in terms of Nitrogen?

Another nice question:

What effect does adding high amounts of NH4 have on plants,
algae and fish? NO3?

Discus zealotry is long been a part of this hobby.
But to what end?
Are such strict rules applicable to planted tanks and various
dosing routines?

Is it the NO3 or is it the strain on O2 from the Organic N
loading? Or is it the NH4 cation that bother's fish? We know
it's a good way to induce several species of algae.

Why can we not provide 100% of the required N and P from the
fish waste alone for all plant species? Why might fish waste
alone supply a good amount amount of nutrients for planted tanks
with slow growing methods/non CO2 methods?

I've found that even with decent substrate ferts, fish loads and
slower growing methods, adding a little bit more KNO3/PO4/GH/K+
will help increase growth, address most of the minor plant
defiencies, issues folks have.

You can and do have good growth in a non CO2 method with fish
waste alone, but adding too many fish will lead to algae in such
tanks. Same with any tank there.

Fish waste is a much less significant contribution to CO2 high
light tanks.

Heavy feed Discus tanks in general get about 1/2 the suggested
amounts of EI. This still provides an excess of 2:1 N to K+

If you rely on fish waste solely without much KNO3, you may
consider adding K2SO4 at about 20ppm a week.

Tom Barr


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