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[APD] EI approach with liquids

I have planted 100 G discus tank that gets fertilised EI style .The sheer 
volume of plants takes away most health issues.  Discus are less ill and 
skittish than Bare Bottom tank.  Because I feed beefheart twice a day ( 5 
full grown discus , plus a bunch of tetras and corydoras)  , I don't feel 
the need to dose PO4 very frequently , Plants keep growing wild  on traces 
and KNO3 , a lot of KNO3 , I predissolve known quantities using chuck 
gadds calculator, then I poor twice week with a TMG dosing flask , I just 
poor it in before the filter overflow .  CO2 used to be Ph regulated , too 
much messing with the probes made me switch to CO2 regulated by clock ( 
one hour offset with light timer ) . I am sure I had too much CO2 at some 
point but never had any problem with it. i think the plants really suck 
out the CO2 and oxygenate the water to pearling . 

Have tried common household fertiliser , injected before filter intake ( 
huge bio sump, sealed  ) , got lots of spot algae , dark discus , duckweed 
attack . The plants were growing like crazy but so were th spot algae on 
my 5 year old anubias backwall, Had to trim and start growing clean leaves 
again . Since I switched back to KNO3 no more issues. Just to show that 
Tom has a point with his stated effects of KNO3 versus oher nitrogen 

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