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Re: [APD] Arowana redux...

I believe John Lemons wrote this email section below:
> Thanks for all the feedback both public and private.  I've decided that even
> though this looks like a great fish, I'm not in a position to properly care
> for it.  It appears that a minimum tank would be 200 gallons (and could need
> to be larger in a year or two), and the food and filtration requirements are
> beyond what I'm prepared to spend.  I'll have to pass this time.
> Anyone know of a good owner for an Arowan?  I'd like to help find a proper
> home for the fish, rather than have someone get blind sided...

Oriental people seem to regard these fish as a bit of a good luck status 
symbol. So you could try an oriental business to see if they have some already?

Get your local paper interested in doing a story?

Stuart Halliday
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