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[APD] Aponogetons etc,

Hi everyone,
I have to say, I've enjoyed lurking in the background reading all the
tidbits and knowledge that you all have been sharing over the years.
It's been awhile since I've been subscribed to this list, and I'm glad to be
reading it again. I was an avid reader MANY years ago before life and kids
took over as priorities. 
In the last year or so I've renewed my interest in aquariums to new heights.
I've continually had tanks for the last 30 years with a current collection
of 1 - 25 gallon, 1 - 45 gallon, and 2 - 80 gallon aquariums. I've tried my
hand with plants in the past but they would usually die off after a period
of time and I gave up.
I've recently taken up the challenge again in a BIG way. I've added a 180
gallon aquarium to the house with the goal of successfully creating a lush
planted aquarium. Over the summer I've slowly been acquiring a collection of
plant varieties that I wasn't familiar with in the past.
One of them is an Aponogeton Boivninanus. It's one of my favs in the tank.
I've been reading recently that it is a plant the likes/requires a resting
period (whatever that entails?!?) Any comments??? I also read that under
good conditions this plant will send off a single or double shoot and
produce flowers. After flowering it will then drop leaves and go thru this
"rest period". 
It recently sent off a single bulb. I couldn't believe how fast this thing
was growing. I took a picture of it, about 1/2 inch from the top of the
aquarium, only to return 7-8 hours later to see it another 5 inches longer.
(25 inches long) in the last 2 days it's grown to 4 feet long. (but the
flower head has still not opened). It tried pushing above the surface, but
hit the glass cover and then extended along the surface of the tank.
I have a question for you more knowledgeable folks, when this thing flowers,
how many of  the leaves will drop (1/4, 1/2,  all??) How long is this rest
period? What "is" an aquatic plant rest period? Is there anything special I
should be doing with it? Do I just leave it alone and watch? What if I cut
the shoot off before it flowers, will this interupt the leaf dropping cycle
or have no effect on it. 
Thanks in Advance!

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