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[APD] Arowana in a planted tank?

I have a friend who has an Arowana that has outgrown its current tank and is
seeking a new home for it.  I am somewhat interested, but I'd like to know
if any of you folks have had any experience keeping them.  I know they like
mostly live food and will grow to be several feet long in optimal
conditions, and I've read up a bit on water chemistry and other stats.  Are
they compatible with planted tanks?  Will they tear up or eat plants?  Do
the play well with other large fish (large being too big to swallow)?  Any
ideas what kind of tank size I should be looking at?  Its currently 8" long,
and I have a 70gal tank (~4'x20"x20" IIRC).  I don't want to put it in too
small a tank, but I don't want to buy a larger tank right now.  I wouldn't
mind getting a 120 or a 200 in a few years if it grows too much, but I'd
like to know what I'm getting into before I commit.


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