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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 36, Issue 28

> Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 08:42:16 +0930
> From: Dave Wilson <aqua_green at bigpond.com>
> Subject: Re: [APD] Snail killers and Governments
> To: Aquatic Plants Mailing List <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
> Hello Tom,
> I put 15 clown loaches into one pond.   They lasted a year
> before they were
> all gone.   I still had plenty of snails while they were there
> so I came to
> the conclusion there must have been plenty of other things
> natural for them
> to eat.    
> I have applied to the Government to have fish imported in the
> past.   It
> takes years and when you do succeed with one department
> another steps in and
> uses different legislation to stop new fish.   They are hell
> bent on
> promoting the underground illegal smuggling trade where there
> is no regard
> for disease introduction and animal security.
> I will ask my local Fisheries if they would support a new
> critter just for
> my ponds.   If they say yes then I will go to the dept of
> Environmet &
> Heritage, if they say yes then I have top go to Biosecurity
> Australia.   The
> chances of getting past the first lot is like winning the
> lottery three time
> in a row.
> I will ask.   
> Thanks for the suggestions.
> Cheers
> Dave

I expected to hear that from the Clown loaches.
Could have told you that prior actually come to think of it.
Anyway, Oz has had some very terrible past history with
introduced species wipuing out the natives, we have here, but
most of the natives are already killed off.
Not much left and the farm Agriculture lobby is very prevasive.

But.......the issue is really one of proper management, illegal
impiorts will happen, so it's in their best interest ot educate
and mange, not merely chase everyone around.

90-95% of all imports are not checked.
They simply do not have the manpower, same here.

So when someone wants to do it by the book legally, they should
encourage and educate them, not fear and throw as much buracracy
as they can at you.

Be patient with them, explain that folks will import illegeal
items and folks like you understand native species and "illegal
snails" and want to manage and preserve Oz's native species by
bring them into the ornamental trade. This will aloow
restoration of damaged ecosystems.

All those native fish will no longer live there is the native
plants are also not there as well. Or if the non native snails
they are not able to catch come in.

Biocontrol agents often have issues, it takes a very long time
here and they place all sorts of restrictions.

A simple non native permit would be all that is required to
control snails. Basically the requirements to have the permit
issued would be assurances that the little fish would not
escape, so you need to think of every way potentially it might
get lose from your facility and minimize that and prevent it
from ever happening.

Then present that and no sales of the fish to other folks etc.
Covered tanks, screened outflows/drains/UV's, some added levels
of redunacy for screens etc, wastewater added to fields,
terrestrial systems etc(I always suggest irrigation for large
scale water use applications).

Fish cannot breed  on dry land, a few species of catfish and
channa etc can, but not these.

Birds likely picked off the clown loaches.
Herons are terrible, but a few simple things can prevent them,
screens etc and drop cloths to block the light.

But aside from that, the loach would be an ideal snail reaper:(

Tom Barr


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