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Re: [APD] "Coal Grunter" (second try)

I believe Chuck H wrote this email section below:
> Stuart wrote:
>> You mean
>> http://www.australianrainbowfish.com/australian_fish/htm/Coal_Grunter_3.htm
>>  ?
>> Why didn't you just give us the link? Making us work for it? >hehe 
>> ;-)
> Ha...not afraid of a little exercise are you, Stuart? :)
> Darn my stupid browser.  It never showed the direct addy you posted, 
> just the one to the main page.  The frames must have
> confused it.

Which is why you always right click on the main page and get its properties 
with Framed pages.

The real URL is in there, not in the Address field.

Stuart Halliday
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