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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 36, Issue 27

Dave there should be an exception permit that would allow you to
bring them in to remove the snails from the plants.

Which is worse? Fish that are easily removed in live plant
orders or a variety of tiny snails?

Generally if you can come up with a method to prevent and
minimize the risk of them getting into the native waters, eg
screens to prevents birds, sumps and screens etc to prevent them
from going over the overflows etc, then they generally will
allow exceptions to such rules.

It's a permit process, but maybe worth while for you in the long
run, the rest of the methods are a lot of work.

Clown loaches are not native, but they are good sellers, that'
s likely why they are legal.

You might try them also, but they will get big, but then they
can be sold, shipped etc to folks and you can make some $$ off

Still, the B striata is a much betetr option, inquire with the
local fish and game folks there for an exception permit for

Most agricultural dept allow for use of normally illegal
critters for pest removal as long as they are well managed and
strong efforts are made to prevent introductions.

There is an economic interest here and the gastropod issue may
very well out weigh the fish issue, certainly easier to kill and
control than snails.

Snails can carry human diseases eg Schisto, but the Botia don't.

So from a human health perspective, you might be able to get an
exception. Ask.

Tom Barr

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