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Re: [APD] Snail killers

I believe Thomas Barr wrote this email section below:

> Dave, the best gastropodivore I've found is amsall little fish
> that you can keep in large or small tanks. They are friendly,
> never uproot a plant, kill all small snails, snails will get
> back in there unless you are very anal about checking new plant
> material and have nets to prevent birds and other potentail
> critters from introducing them back again.

> Chemicals are poor unless you oplan on using them routinely and
> regularly and they do have a cost on the plants.
> A biocontrol agent like a small fish works much better.

I've tried most of these snail killing bottles and none worked.
My 'ear' snails didn't know they're suppose to die.

> Botia striata.
> While a native might be best, this little fish gets not bigger
> than my pinky and loves snails whether they are 2 months old or
> 6 years old, they never lose their taste for snails.
> They are also very friendly little loaches, come out during the
> day etc. They are better than any other snail eater I've ever
> found.
> Unlike some of the larger snails eaters, these will do no damage
> at all to any plant. Their small size also allows them to get
> into smaller plants. 


Zebra Loach

I've got several of these and they do so love the small 'ear' snails.

Better than clowns in a lot of respects.

Stuart Halliday
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