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Re: [APD] Snail killers

Dave, the best gastropodivore I've found is amsall little fish
that you can keep in large or small tanks. They are friendly,
never uproot a plant, kill all small snails, snails will get
back in there unless you are very anal about checking new plant
material and have nets to prevent birds and other potentail
critters from introducing them back again.

Chemicals are poor unless you oplan on using them routinely and
regularly and they do have a cost on the plants.

A biocontrol agent like a small fish works much better.

Botia striata.
While a native might be best, this little fish gets not bigger
than my pinky and loves snails whether they are 2 months old or
6 years old, they never lose their taste for snails.

They are also very friendly little loaches, come out during the
day etc. They are better than any other snail eater I've ever

Unlike some of the larger snails eaters, these will do no damage
at all to any plant. Their small size also allows them to get
into smaller plants. 

If I were trying to deal with a snail issue, that would be my

1. Cheaper than chemicals 
2. Effective
3. Cute
4. Hardy
5. Can fit in 5-500,000 gallon containers etc
6. Like small snails all their life span

You might consider other algae eaters, snail eaters etc to the
vats, ponds, tubs etc  

Would make your life easier to say the least.

Tom Barr




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