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Re: [APD] Poor gastrpods just don't get not respect


I have been testing one of Australia's snails as a possible planted tank
compatible snail for over a year now and so far it has been great, just
cleaning up around the plants and not eating any of the growing foliage.

The snail is 50mm across and is said to be Australias largest freshwater
snail.   Waterhouse's Snail, Notopala waterhousei.   You can see a picture
on the ANGFA database  http://db.angfa.org.au     It lives in permanent
water in the dryer parts of Australia.

One of its tank mates, The Blond Snail, Austropeplia lessonni is positively
evil with plants, eating the new growth and putting holes in everything

I am still looking for the no snails cure for 80,000 litre ponds.  We have
tried copper, trichlorofon, chlorothalonil, physical removal and a whole
range of other ideas.    Chlorothalonil defoliated all the plants but was
probably the most effective to date.   The snails alwayus seem to come back.

Next will probably be Hyrtles Catfish and Emydura Turtles, these are local
animals that eat snails.   A friend has a turtle pond with lots of plants
from me.   There were large amounts of snails, then he put in two Emydura
turtles, now the snails are gone and they don¹t seem to dig up the plants.

Clown loaches were tried in the ponds but I think it may have been too
hostile for them as they died out over a two year period.   The water
quality was OK, may have been a disease from local fish, rainbows and
blue-eyes sometimes have some evil parasites when they come out of the
creek, especieally in the late dry season when everything is concentrated
into a smaller area and water quality is reduced from low or no flow.

If anyone has seen any new snail remedies I would love to hear about them.


On 20/8/06 6:17 AM, "Thomas Barr" <tcbiii at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Why do they pick on snails?
> They make good herbivores.
> http://links.jstor.org/sici?sici=0012-9658%28199306%2974%3A4%3C1264%3ATABCOS%3
> E2.0.CO%3B2-G&size=LARGE
> http://www.springerlink.com/content/v52953lv1088pk70/
> Old myth that they eat live plants(some species do, the 3-5 main
> species we like and often have do not)Eating dead/dying plants
> and not eating live plants?
> http://www.springerlink.com/content/hx407k2203448633/
> It suggest why that may be.
> Regards, 
> Tom Barr
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