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Re: [APD] Need of Water Changes

> Hello,
> I have a 110 lts tank, heavily planted with excellent plant 
> growth. Only an external filter, whisper type. Double tube 
> light, 10 hours per day on. 
> No Co2 injection. No algae problems whatsoever. I only 
> measure NO2 and pH.
> NO2 is always very low (at the bottom of the scale) and pH is 
> always slightly alkaline, despite of the efforts to get it 
> neutral (Tap water here is from sea water distillers and is 
> alkaline). Temperature is approx 26 degC. I only add water 
> that is lost by evaporation.  Fishes seems happy and with no 
> diseases, since I don't nee to introduce new fishes or plants 
> too often. My question is: do I have to make water changes or 
> not and how often?
> What other measurement do you recommend me?
> I appreciate your feedback
> Santiago

With this tank setup, I don't see any need to do water changes.  Maybe
do 1 every 3 months or so, about 50% of the volume.  That's it.

If the plants and fish are happy, why mess with it?


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