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[APD] Need of Water Changes

I have a 110 lts tank, heavily planted with excellent plant growth. Only an
external filter, whisper type. Double tube light, 10 hours per day on. 
No Co2 injection. No algae problems whatsoever. I only measure NO2 and pH.
NO2 is always very low (at the bottom of the scale) and pH is always
slightly alkaline, despite of the efforts to get it neutral (Tap water here
is from sea water distillers and is alkaline). Temperature is approx 26
degC. I only add water that is lost by evaporation.  Fishes seems happy and
with no diseases, since I don't nee to introduce new fishes or plants too
often. My question is: do I have to make water changes or not and how often?
What other measurement do you recommend me?
I appreciate your feedback
Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

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